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Schwalbenschwanz und Silberling final1 - frame at 8m30s.jpg
Schwalbenschwanz und Silberling 
Video, 16min.
Collaborarive project together with Rebecca Ruchti, in progress

A castle above the Village that swallows up human speech in favour of whistling. Producing different whistling sounds, the figures try to get closer to what whistling can express. The question of which sounds, images and actions evoke which associations becomes greater the less linguistic communication is possible. How differently do you look at things when you have to express them in a different way? Whistling moves from more common
forms (whistling as an expression of boredom, idleness or as a signal) into an experience that has no inherent coupled information. In the game they play, the figures attempt to establish different relationships between the tonal utterances and the object phenomena and relationships.

"How are these invisible threads pulled that connect one with the other, the doors, windows, hatches in the open doors, windows, hatches in the ceiling and floor inside the head
and split-second glimpses of scenes from the past - memories or dreams?
past - memories or dreams?"
From "Fremdsprechen" by Esther Kinsky
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