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it seems like the longer they look the blurrier it gets

Short film (17min.), 2021
In collaboration with Avigael Miodownik

The puppet theater reminds us of our over- automated perception: we are shown a piece of paper, but we see all kinds of different things: a person, an ocean, a chair, a package of cigarettes.  This is how we walk through our life, how we perceive ourselves and our surroundings.

In the film, an invisible narrator finds himself on a deserted island. We witness his thoughts and experiences through a filmic puppet theater that challenges the systems of perception and language in a poetic soliloquy of disorganization.

 Silhouettes merge into the background to form a single entity, sometimes projection finds difficulty in matching with its designated object, and so, undefined space emerges.

For the video link, send an email to

Screenshot (1219).png
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