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© Yoko Halbwidl, The Bed (the beginning day), 2023, film still.png

field: the bed

role (in this image): the beginning day

fields of play


performance, installation, video

2023 (ongoing series)

Vienna, Marseille

(click on images to see video)


fields of play is a performative - installative experiment investigating public space and object-subject relationships through play and representative perception Each exploration takes place inside an installation made of raw sheep‘s wool, forming a field which represents a space in which different roles, material as well as immaterial, are embodied.

field: a whale‘s belly

role (in this image): bedtime story

field: forest

role: dependence

field: keyhole

role: the wrong key

field: children's room

role: bedtime story

field: airport

role: lost luggage

field: wheater station

role: telescope

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