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Rehearsal Fields are performative and visual interventions in the city of Vienna. They are functioning as heterotopian spaces inside the city, having their own protocols, names and grammartological maps that serve as an invitation into an expanded term of „play“.


 In the rehearsal interventions, white borders were painted onto the ground with wall paint, enclosing and isolating it, transforming it into a field. the rehearsal fields were placed throughout parks, in between spaces, parking lots, on grass, earth, and asphalt, emulating their precedents, but reacting to the material conditions of the fields.

stills from video documentation installation in public space in Vienna and Munich 2021/22

The performative series "fields of play" developed out of this exploration of play and public space:

The Rehearsal Fields are the first outcome of the project Fields of Play, which examines play and its relation to space and society. 

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