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“So Heavy” is the second single of the Hannah Weiss Group’s debut album "Terra". It’s about oppression, injustice and the question of one's own actions. We live in a world that, due to its complexity, often causes a feeling of powerlessness. The feeling of being unable to act: One sees but does not understand what one sees, one wants to act but does not know one's means. One searches for one's own place and stagnates in the face of (sur-)reality, to the point of dissolving the boundaries between self and things, to the point of merging the body with the seemingly non-active environment.

Concept, Diection and Cut by Yoko Halbwidl
Camera by Céline Fournier
Hannah Weiss
Salomé Ortiz Obermayer
Anh Kiet Le
Leonard Burkhardt
Melis Com

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