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“Civilisation”, the first single from Hannah Weiss Group's debut album “Terra”, is about opposites and the unconditional attraction that prevails between them. You can't have one without the other, you can't have wealth without poverty, both exist side by side and are kept in balance. These interactions are omnipresent: Democracy rests on maintaining a balance between different interests, however conflicting they may be. We are constantly moving in this force field that is so unstable and fragile. "Civilization" is about the question of how we encounter these relationships, how we go through the world or maybe should go? Observing, especially when we are unsettled by the unknown and the new. Waiting and humble, we should face what we don't know and don't understand - grasping the razor-thin blanket of civilization.


In the music video, we see the singer observing us from behind the different sceneries she is merged into - just as the audience, who is watching her from a distance, only ever being able to grasp a cut-out part of the whole. The scenery itself is in a constant state of change and de-construction, a space of uncertainty.

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