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Have you heard? 

Performance by Carlotta, Olga Shapovalova and Yoko Halbwidl, 10min.

Aula of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

The soft rustle of wool. The coldness of marble. A small magical object was unexpectedly found by the three sisters. It helps them to communicate with each other, but what at first appears to be a blessing also has a dark side: they can't help but spread rumors. Exposing the hidden truth and criticism of power they don't always distinguish right from wrong. As a punishment, they have to speak without words.

The topic of rumors is particularly important in the era of fake news, chat GPT, AI and in such a large collective and politically involved society like an Art academy, where personal is always political. From word of mouth, through social networks, class chats and personal correspondence, information changes, transforms, grows, penetrates the walls, gains momentum, or escapes through the cracks.

From three different perspectives, we approached the topic, delving into the historical background of the word 'gossip,' which is closely linked to the history of patriarchy. We wondered: what does it mean to talk about others when they are not present? Can it be subversive? When is it harmful and hurtful? When does it help us shake power structures?

Together, we navigated through spilling, spreading, weaving, whispering through physical experiences related to this theme.

In the performance that we were showcased during the Rundgang 2024 in Aula, two wool objects served as the starting point of our communication. A bowl made of felted wool moves autonomously onto the stage, carrying with it a treasury of secrets nestled between its fibers, eagerly awaiting dissemination. The deepest secrets were told to the columns and walls of the Aula. Ah, if only they could talk. As one of the three protagonists decides to share the secrets, information becomes a material that we spread not only by speaking up, but with our bodies.

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